Monatsarchiv: Mai 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Well, that film now hit Austria!

And I didn’t go to see it! And I most certainly won’t!

No! No! No! to all you bible-thumbers and hipocrites. It’s not because I agree with you.
It’s just so that I read the book literally years ago. Liked it. Can’t imagine I’d like the film. My mind now got a different image of those main characters than the actors look like. So I won’t go look at them.

But, to all those morons out there:

It is still only FICTION!

… it even says so on the book cover! If you’d been to most of those places mentioned in the book, you’d even see those small discrepancies.

So what!
It’s a good book, and I enjoyed it.
But still fiction, so why the riot?

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Eingeordnet unter Grantscherben

Asbesto Woes

When rooms at the University of Vienna were restyled, the contractors took of rhe asbesto-backed furnishings, painted them on the front, and put them back!!

Don’t believe me -> Check it! (it’s in german, sorry!)

I still think they wanted to see me dead.

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When you buy software via the internet …
… pay for it by creditcard …
… get the package delivered – since there’s no download option – …
… but it arrives „cash on delivery“ …
… you check with the seller …
… the say „sorry, our mistake, but we’ll cancel the cc-payment“ …

… … … and in the end they want to be paid three times!

… … … … … … well, I call that criminal! See for yourself

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