Israeli Defence Forces and the Waffen-SS

Somebody care to explain the difference? ‚Cause I really can’t see any!
The Waffen-SS was rightfully accused and condemed for war crimes and multiple murder.
And the IDF is just doing what, exactly?

What’s the crucial difference between the Warsaw Ghetto Massacre and the israeli conduct against innocent people only being guilty of living in Palestine?

In the Nuremberg trials those responsible for the atrocities of the Nazi goverment where tried, condemned and executed. At least those who didn’t escape before that or take a cowards way out.
When are the Haifa trials scheduled?

On a more general note, and yes, this is a rant!
As an Austrian I’ve already been told that Austria can’t claim to having been occupied by the Third Reich because there was no real attempt to fight the occupation forces. Well, so if it’s not Greater Germany but Israel, it’s the other way round? Fighting the occupation is a must in one instance, and a crime in another?

In my very personal opinion the state Israel has a very unhealty resemblance to the Third Reich’s spiritual heir!

So, who can spell „war crime„?


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