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Contracts, treaties, resolutions

Current events:
Obviously one shouldn’t consider treaties or contracts involving Israel sacrosanct. More like gambling against the odds. Anybody knows how many treaties were broken or UN-Resolutions ignored by Israel. I don’t. And in reality i won’t care.

On the other side, history showed it is equally impossible to get treaties or resolutions to work with (in this case) islamic fundamentalists.

It’s the same with all kind of fundamentalists, wheter islamic, mosaic, democratic (an oxymoron, I know, but just look at G.W. Bush’s justification for waging war. OTOH, Bush is rather obviously a moron).
Main problem all those morons (read: fundamentalists) never care about the victims.

So, what am I rambling about. Well, I don’t understand why anybody even tries.

Let’s put a wall around the whole country of Israel – but this time according to the original UN-Resolutions defining the territory of Israel. It’s obviously the solution wanted by the populace of Israel, since they already started it. But let’s not include occupied territories – that wouldn’t be in accordance with international law.

Let’s create a half mile death zone on both sides of the wall. Nobody crosses that border – and there are no exceptions. If the people of Israel want to live inside a ghetto …

Concerning long range weapons: This seems like a rather awkward problem. But there are a host of possibly solutions. Starting with a mercenary peace corps – the kind that uses reciprocal force like currently defined by IDF, USMC or in the past, Waffen-SS. Ending with tactical nuking launch sites within minutes of launch.

After a couple of decades nobody will know about those problems anymore.

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Airplane Security

Looks like no more in-flight working for me. Well, it’s about time to remember trains. At least on the old continent.

Next step in airplane security: Put all passengers to sleep before boarding, no luggage at all, and maybe it would be best not to transport humans at all…

On a more serious note: Can somebody explain to me in clear words where in the koran the killing of innocents is described as a good deed.

It’s rather funny in a hellish sort of way that any kind of suicide killing mission is considered something called a sin according to those holy books of all those major monotheistic religions.

BTW, who’s god is the god of Abraham? Jewish, christian, muslimic? Someone please write the long overdue book: „GOD for DUMMIES

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And I thought …

… those Nazis were bad?

But those US troops run a very close second!

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