To do the right thing

So, who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who is for and who’s against the law?

Whatever that law might be. In the end it boils down to what someone believes in.

Well, I believe in no god. Obviously. Because if there were a higher being allowing or even furthering those terrible things happing not only in the middle east but almost on the whole planet, I think it would be anyone’s most sacred duty to fight that being.

Obviously it’s better not to believe.

I’m certainly not antisemitic. I’m not anti-anyone. To be complete honest I have a real problem even understanding the concept. Since there are no human races, in my opinion it’s not possible to be a racist. It’s only possible to be a complete and utter moron.

Though, most certainly I’m misanthropic. Definitly so. I consider it my right to call anyone an idiot or worse, not matter what colour his or her skin has. Or what god one believes in.

But, and that’s what I am convinced is the most important thing.
Just because something bad – even horrible – happened in the past to someone (personally, a relative, a friend, or some far removed ancestor), doesn’t give that person – or some relatives, or a group feeling somehow connected to said person – the right to do bad things to other persons. That’s not revenge, that’s not justice, and it certainly isn’t a right or a crusade ordered by god!

I do not know what is right. I’m not conceited enough to feel that way. But I do know what’s wrong.

Hurting children. Killing the helpless. Torturing anyone.

So stop it!

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