Monatsarchiv: August 2006

(War) Crimes confirmed?

On a short note:

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz states on its web-site in the article titled „Livni: Qana attack led to turning point in support for Israel“ that

As the Israel Air Force continues to investigate the air strike, questions have been raised over military accounts of the incident.

It now appears that the military had no information on rockets launched from the site of the building, or the presence of Hezbollah men at the time.

The Israel Defense Forces had said after the deadly air-strike that many rockets had been launched from Qana. However, it changed its version on Monday.

Should be enough for a court martial.

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What does the US state department state – pardon the pun – if offensive (at least to muslims) cartoons are published about the prophet Mohammed:
„While we share the offense that Muslims have taken at these images, we at the same time vigorously defend the right of individuals to express points of view . . . Freedom of expression is at the core of our democracy, and it is something that we have shed blood and treasure around the world to defend, and we will continue to do so.“

The same department about cartoons depicting the secretary of state C. Rice – also in a way which could be deemed inappropriate or offensive:
„We encourage development of a free press but along with those freedoms come certain responsibilities, Secretary Rice is focused on doing her job. She knows that the United States is doing the right thing.“

Personally, I don’t find any of those Mohammed cartoons offensive. So I can’t really understand that – orchestrated – outrage of the muslim world.
The Rice cartoon is rather amusing.

But then, I’m probably just completely and utterly insensitive.

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Terrorism? Yes!

The linked article isn’t a rant. It just get’s me going.
Read it!

Pay notice to the paragraph claiming death tools: 800 dead civilians in Lebanon, 19 in Israel. I have no way to verify the data, but even if we accept a bt of exaggeration a ratio of 20-to-1 or even only 10-to-1 would sound rather extreme, wouldn’t it?

While I believe even one on either side would be one to many, I’d just have to ask:
Who’s the terrorist here?

Wikipedia: Terrorism refers to a strategy of using violence, or threat of violence to generate fear, cause disruption, and ultimately, to bring about compliance with specific political, religious, ideological, and personal demands.

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