Monatsarchiv: September 2006

Pope or Dope

So the pope, the 16th Benedikt, is expected to apologize.
What for, exactly?

For citing some ancient guy, stating something – namely that the Islam is a religion not only condoning but also encuraging violence against non-believers – which is either a fact or not.

If it’s not a fact, where do jihad and all those fundamentalist suicide bombers get their righteous cause from. Why won’t those religious leaders now shouting angrily denounce them openly.

On the other hand, if it’s true, what should that guy apologize for.

Please, excuse me, I’m real sorry for saying the truth!

Looks like a no win situation for the muslimic faith to me. At least from where I’m sitting. But I’m still capable of logical thought processes. Which might be a reason I’m not to fond of the catholic church, either.

Sorry, Mr Ratzinger, but none-the-less, there’s no need for an excuse.

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